Monday, September 5, 2011

My first full day in Bergen

After being delayed a full 24 hours, I finally arrived in Bergen on Sunday afternoon local time. The head of the lab where I will be working picked me up from the airport and drove me to the University guest house where I will be staying.  He also brought me new bed linens, towels, and the ever-important umbrella.  (see below)

Umbrella with the University of Bergen logo

Shortly after I finished unpacking, I fell asleep around 5:30pm local time and didn't wake up until the next morning (today) at 7:30. Hopefully that does it for the jet-lag.

This morning I went exploring the city a bit before heading into work around 1pm.  Everyone here is so incredibly nice! The city itself is gorgeous.  There are about 250,000 people.  Most of the buildings are wooden and unique.  So far it has been cloudy and rains on and off all the time.  Below are a couple of pictures that I took today.  I think if you click on each one, it will open up as a full-size image.

Check out the marine layer!

Presumably there are mountains somewhere underneath all the fog...

I don't know what this building is, but I thought it looked cool.

Beautiful panorama of the "pond" in the middle of the city.  A great landmark for orienting myself!

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