Thursday, September 22, 2011


This post will be about my stay in Flam this past weekend.  Flam is a little village located on the Aurlandsfjord, which is an offshoot of the Sognefjord.  I arrived by boat on Friday afternoon around 1:30 in the afternoon and stayed in a hostel until Saturday around 3pm when I caught a train to Myrdal.  The train pictures will be my next post. 

Here is the hostel where I stayed, which was quite cute.  I didn't book until the last minute, so all of the shared rooms were already booked.  So I ended up with a room to myself with a bunk bed and a bathroom.  Reservations can be made at

Hostel Flam
Of course don't pick the appels, no matter how delicious they look!

It was quite chilly even during the day (in the 30's F), but I was so happy that it wasn't raining that I was happy to wear two layers of pants & my gloves. 

One of the first things I did after my arrival was to locate the local brewery, Aegir, named after the brother of Logi in Norse mythology.  Read all about it here: Of course it turns out that the brewery was started in 1989 by an American, but it looks cool inside.

Aegir brewery in Flam

Inside the brewery these little wooden men hold up the counter
The porter

I also did a fair amount of hiking and exploring around the area, where I ran across some interesting and beautiful sights.

The wooly madrigal: a cross between a llama and an albino pig
The home of the wooly madrigals
You can see how the wooly madrigals like to feast on bugs and worms.

Some land hippos, or maybe they're rhinos
Here is the elusive jackanape. I had just touched him between his ears before he scurried off to get reinforcements.  I barely escaped with my life.
A troll's home
Is it a train car or a cafe? Or a train car disguised as a cafe?
Sleeping boats

An awake boat

Some simple food tips:
Don't eat the poisonous pink honeysuckle!
This mushroom is ok though

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  1. I only just now found this! Don't know why gmail was not keeping me abreast of your adventures. It is so cool to see your pics!! :) :)