Friday, July 15, 2011

Australia part I

So I was digging through photos on my computer & I ran across some from my trip to Australia a couple of years ago.  This first set proves my theory that everything in Australia can and will kill you if given the chance.  See for yourself...

Sure he looks innocent, but you don't want to know what he keeps in those holes.

This is the legendary pokey bird, famous for gouging out eyes with that beak.  Best to wear protective goggles when these birds are near.

Eww a snake!

AAAHHH! It's a croc!

Don't worry, they're safe to hold when they're long as they have a rubber band around their snout. Note: it's important to close your eyes so that the baby croc can't turn you into stone.

Fun fact: I was actually stung by a jellyfish while snorkeling, even though I was wearing a wetsuit. It was a tiny one though, not like the ones pictured here.

These ferocious turkeys will steal your clothes while you're swimming.  They like to use them as disguises for when they rob banks.

These giant flowers have been known to devour small children whole, so it's great if your kids aren't behaving.

Pictured here is the rare cassowary. They are often made of stone & are seen with tourists leaning on them.  This photo was taken mere moments before the cassowary bit off the head of my friend Jess.

This is a zombie bird.  You can tell by the red eyes.  Not very fast, but they see well in the dark.  Approach with extreme caution.  Use fire when possible.

See here the ranger is pointing out how foolish I am to be holding the deadly flesh tearing macaw.  What he didn't know is that I had just dusted my skin with macaw poison. Smashe 1-Macaw 0.

On the hunt--this guy hunts by the smell of blood.

Poor girl, these lizards are about to bore holes into her skull and suck her brains out.

What's he plotting you might ask?

Aha, he switched brains (and hats) with the ranger. Dastardly!

This lady spins a web to catch unsuspecting prey

Then does a victory march on a leaf

No matter where you are, you never know who or what is watching you...

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