Saturday, September 10, 2011

Food Festival

Today I was feeling a bit better, and unbelievably the SUN was out! So I went downtown to a food festival, which in Norwegian is called "matfestival".

There was this guy playing a trumpet next to a trash can:

And these guys having some sort of contest I assume...

Many booths were selling fish. I tried some haddock and ate this delicious salmon sandwich:

A lot of things were made from honey, including a honey drink, which I also had and it was delicious. One booth was selling several different kinds of apple juice or cider, like it was wine. This booth has a sign that I think says something like "Taste adventure!"  Ok maybe not exactly, but the food sign translates into "spruce shoot syrup and apple fruit syrup".  I can guess what apple fruit syrup is, but what is spruce shoot syrup?  Now that I know what it means I wish I had tasted it. Maybe the food festival will still be going on tomorrow.

Then there were many booths selling sausages.  This was one that had so many it was amazing!

After I got home, I translated the sign:
Rodvin = red wine
Bacon = everyone loves bacon, even zombies
Chorizo = from the magical animal
Hvitlok = garlic
Kryddersnacks = spicy snacks?
Vilt m/blabaer = wild with blueberries (wild what? whale?)
Elg = moose
Geite = goat
Biff = steak
Polse uten svin = sausage without pork

Hm, I wonder what moose tastes like.  And why does goat cost more than moose or pork? Also, I wonder what's in the sausage without pork. 


  1. re wild: in german, "wild" is "game," more or less. deer, etc. i'm guessing this is similar b/c a lot of the norwegian words sound like weird versions of german words.

  2. Aha! That makes sense because Norwegian is a Germanic language. Thanks! P.S. I did go back and got both the spruce shoot syrup and the moose sausage, both of which are delicious!