Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh the French...

Canadians that is.

I recently went to Quebec City for a conference on human brain mapping.  Besides eating ham and cheese in every possible form, I also did a ghost walking tour with my friend Yaling.  Essentially this woman was dressed in clothes from the mid-1700s and wore makeup like a ghost and said that she had died in 1750, but while she was living, she was married to the executioner.  Fun fact: executioners only became executioners if they were on death row when the current executioner died. During this tour, we walked all around the city learning how and where people were killed.  My favorite mode of death was "the wheel" where the criminal in question was first tied to a sideways cross and then a blunt object was used to break most of the bones in the criminal's body. Then the broken body was interlaced through the spokes of a wheel and the criminal was left to die in the public square.  Apparently public executions were the entertainment of choice before TV was invented. 

Ok, so apparently I didn't get any pictures of our tour guide, but I "borrowed" this one from Yaling's fb page. {Thanks Yaling!}

I did, however, take this cool picture of a carving in the wall next to where we met for our ghost tour.

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