Friday, November 11, 2011

The Bergen Railway

Ok so it's been a few weeks since I updated this blog. In the meantime, I have had many troll-hunting adventures & even found one (see end of this post). I've also made two trips to Oslo via the Bergen Railway, which passes through 6+ hours of scenery that can only be described as breathtakingly beautiful.

Actually if you want to watch a completely unedited version of the train ride, just click here:  No seriously, apparently editing is overrated, it really is a 6+ hour video. If you think that's too much, you should watch this: It's a 21+ hour unedited "film" of a famous boat trip that goes up the coast of Norway. Now, aren't you glad I only show you a portion of my pictures?

Some of these demonstrate how difficult it is to capture pictures from a moving train:
Snow is pretty when you don't have to be in it
Doesn't this look like a postcard?
A few minutes later...
I totally did that on purpose.
Almost to Oslo the first time
Leaving Oslo a couple of days later

Fog that turns you inside out

My favorite--REFLECTIONS! (more on this in a later post)
Home of the infamous sea monster Loch-zilla
Loch-zilla ate the old man who lived in this house while we watched helplessly
What's better than a reflection or snow you say? Why, a reflection of snow of course!

This concludes my first trip on the Bergen Railway. For my second trip, I got a new camera: the Canon PowerShot S95. Thanks Charlie for the recommendation! Sadly, while the trip from Bergen to Oslo was during the day, my return trip was at night, so no pictures from that leg of the journey. But here are some good ones from Bergen to Oslo:

Just after sunrise it was still foggy
Home of a famous troll hunter
Seriously. Love. This. Camera.
There were so many just like this...
And as promised, TROLL:

Troll discovered in the mists of Mount Floyen

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